Blog Setup and Customization Service

In today’s world of social media and online interactions, having a blog is a necessity for any business website.

A blog gives your business a voice that will help you interact with your potential and current customers. It is a good way of encouraging visitor engagement and positive marketing for your products and services while also encouraging the search engines to regularly visit your site and index it as you constantly update the blog with fresh content.

This is essential for driving organic traffic.

Indeed, with the advancement in blog technology, adding a blog to your website is not really a difficult thing. With tools like Fantastico, you could add a WordPress blog to your site in a matter of minutes. However, if you attempt to rank your blog and drive traffic with it without the proper optimization, you would simply be frustrated.

That is why our blog setup service is not limited to just adding a blog to your site. We understand very well the importance of incorporating SEO optimization and keyword management in your blog. We will help you build your blog on the right SEO foundation so that your business benefit maximally from it.

Whether you need a new blog set up or you want your already existing blog optimized for the search engines to enhance your marketing efforts in the areas of lead generation, customer retention, branding, and community development or you just want to establish your prominence in your target industry, we will work with you to lay out just what is best for you.

With well over 3 years of setting up and running various WordPress blogs, we can confidently say, with us your business blog is in good hands! We are here to put our years of experience in SEO web content writing and WordPress management to your advantage.

Feel free to choose the plan that meets your specific needs.

New Blog Setup

This involves:

=> Installing a new blog into an existing business website or installing a new blog as a standalone site. Where it involves a new blogsite, you agree to provide the domain name and webhost.

=> Creating blog using WordPress software and graphics you provide (or if you desire I can arrange for custom graphics at an extra cost to you).

=> Customizing the blog using a premium free wordpress theme and installing necessary plugins and optimizing the blog for the search engines. (If you desire a premium/customized theme, this will be at an extra cost to you.)

=> Editing your company info as provided by you and uploading them. These include information like “Contact us,” “About Us” etc.

=> Researching and writing 5 optimized blog posts to start things off. These will be published over 2 weeks. The cost of these is already factored into the total cost however, if you desire further content created by me see our content writing service page for details.

NOTE: Your input will be required throughout this period. This is to ensure that you get what you wanted.

Cost:  $350 (This includes the 5 optimized blog posts written by me specifically to kick-start the blog. Where you already have the content to kick-start the blog the cost could be negotiated)

Tweaking/Customization/Optimization of Existing Blog

This comes in 2 packages based on what you want me to do. The costs below are subject to negotiation since all blogs are not the same and may require different fixes.

Package #1:  This includes an audit of your blog involving a thorough review of the blog and then providing you a detailed improvement plan. This option is good for you if you just want guidance, but plan on fixing the issues yourself.

Cost: $200 (negotiable!)

Package #2:  This involves a thorough review of your blog, implementation of individualized improvement, basic backend fixes such as plug-in installation, URL structure changes, minor CSS coding, basic Customization and/or basic page set-up.

You may choose this option if you really need help with the backend and technical tasks or if you just don’t have the time to take the above actions yourself.

Cost: $250 – $450 (negotiable)