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FACT: 36% of marketers revealed their top challenge in 2010 was producing engaging content, followed by producing enough content! (B2B Trends report by MarketingProfs and Junta42, now CMI)

FACT: 95% of Fortune 500 CMOs believed in 2014 that creating and finding new, timely, and engaging content was one of their biggest challenges, ( Mass Relevance and The CMO Club – At The Speed of Life).

What does this tell you?

The verdict is clear from the above:

… the BIGGEST challenges marketers have faced over the years has remained the same, creating and finding content that is timely and engaging!

So, How Can CMOs Overcome This Challenge?

The sure solution is to for CMOs to look up to professional web content writers like what we have in our team here at the LocalDigitalHero.com.

With our team of seasoned and experienced writers and content marketing strategists, you can be sure of well-structured, well-written, persuasive, and search engine-friendly web content for your sites/blogs.

Our writers understand that for your web content to achieve its purpose, whatever that is – educate prospects, convert prospects to leads or convert leads to paying customers – that content must be strategically optimized to drive the right traffic. But beyond that, your content should connect with your target audience. 

Our commitment is give you SEO-optimized content that is well written and spiced with your target keywords while taking your target audience to mind.

We give you nothing but highly engaging web content that will push your brand awareness, increase your client trust and improve your site rankings.

Our content writing service covers the following areas (please visit individual pages for details on each package):

1. Website Copy Writing – Your website without good attention-grabbing content is actually useless. You need optimized, socially targeted and convincing web copy if you truly want to gain the attention of online users. But I know you are an entrepreneur and not a writer. Leave that for us. Determine what you want and I’ll make sure you have it!.

2. Blog Content Writing – Looking to fill your business blog with the right content or the latest industry news to keep the conversation going? Or, is it insightful articles that will put the stamp of authority on your company blog while building an engaged community around your blog? You can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best.

3. Guest Blogging – Do you desire some easy and quick way to push your online visibility while building backlinks to enhance your search rankings? Then my guest blogging service is just what you need. Packaged to meet your specific needs, it is discrete and professional. Tt’s actually the easiest way to push your brand visibility and drive  targeted traffic without fail.

4. Sponsored Post/Product Reviews – How about being mentioned in a well crafted post that will give you the opportunity of attracting new prospects/sales and even back-links? Or is it a specially written review of your company, product or service that you want? Whatever your need, I can be an ‘evangelist’ for your product, service or business and drum up some cheap viewership for your product right now

5. Article Writing/Submission – Do you want some informative and educational articles for your article marketing needs, we can be of help. Check out our article writing service and unleash the power of this free traffic tactic today.

6. Press Release Writing/Distribution – Are you launching a new site, introducing a new product or service or there’s just something you want the world to know about your business? Then a well crafted, Search engine optimized press release will do the magic for you!

Why not concentrate on what you know best, managing your business, and allow us do help you with what we know how best to do – writing engaging and traffic boosting web content?

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