Video: Are SEOs Really Important For Your Business Site?

Recently with the numerous updates from Google targeted at sanitizing what their search engine can return in SERPs, many people have come to take SEO as something that must be kept at an arms length!

Many have even gone to the point of calling SEOs names. When you describe yourself as an SEO content writer some business persons will want to look at you as someone who does nothing but find ways of gaming the system.

All of this is understandable. Over the years many SEOs have indeed bastardize the system. But the question is, is SEO bad? Do Google consider SEO as spam? What can an SEO do for your business sites?

In this video, Matt Cutts from Google gives an insight into what SEOs can do for you. This is really a clear endorsement by Google! If, before now, you have developed some hatred for search engine optimization and will never want to use  SEO services for your business site, then this is the time to ditch such ideas. Matt says, SEO is actually good for your business site.

Please watch the video:



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