Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Content For Your Online Marketing!

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So, you have heard about content marketing, right? And, I’m sure you are actively working to create content for your marketing and online promotions, is it not? But, have you ever considered SEO web content as part of your content marketing strategy?

Alright, I know most marketers think content marketing is just about creating quality content and distributing it through different online channels to your target audience.  They argue that as long as your target audience love your quality content and goes on to share it with their online connections, you will succeed as a content marketer.

Besides, they contend that you don’t really need SEO content since, to them, search engine optimization is long dead and buried with the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates.  To them social media is now the new SEO!  And with this they believe that creating your marketing content with the social media in mind will give you the desired results!

FACT: Google Did Not Kill SEO But Rather Re-Enforced It!

As much as I want to agree with the above arguments I also want to say they are only half truths. And, as you may have known, half truths can be damn dangerous!

Agreed, social media is today playing a big part in traffic and lead generation and also in building brand awareness and loyalty. But, simply writing a good piece of content and sharing it with your social media connections or using it on your business website is not enough.

Beyond creating quality content, your content should be expertly optimized for the search engines. It should be able to score good points with the search engines, helping it to gain higher rankings in the SERPs. The trick is being to do this while also appealing to your human audience for them to eagerly share it online!

It doesn’t matter whether your content is social media updates, blog articles, web content, case studies, etc. SEO optimizing your content with your target keywords will give them a better chance of achieving your business and marketing goals.

The following are just a few reasons why you must consider SEO content when marketing with content.

1. People still depend on the Search Engines to get information online

Despite the growth of social media and people depending on recommendations from friends to make buying decisions, the search engines still remains the most popular and easiest means of finding any topic of interest on the internet. Just think of what you did in the recent past when you wanted some information about a topic. Where was the first place you looked? Did you fire up your Facebook page or profile and prowled through the content there to see if you can get what you wanted or, you went to Google, or any of search engines of your choice, and keyed in your request?

I’m sure the answer is obvious.

Now, can you see why you mustn’t ignore the search engines in your marketing content creation? You must understand that the search engines remain the biggest resource about any subject today. And to retrieve any information from the search engines, searchers use keywords. it is the keyword phrases used by searcher that the search engines use in determining the results shown. They will never dig into their data bases and return the best written content!

SEO optimizing your contentwriting your content with the right keyword phrases in the right places – is what will help your marketing content to get good placements in the SERPs! It’s just plainly the simplest way to position your product or service on the search engines so that when a prospect goes to the search engines looking for information in your market, you will be right there!

2. Most people never look beyond the 1st page of the SERPS!

Now, think again about when you used the search engines to locate some information. How many times did you care to look beyond the first 3 pages of the search results?

None? A few times?

Do you think others are caring to do so? (Well, I particularly got curious about a rare case which I wrote about on my internet marketing blog here!) But apart from such rare cases, I believe most people who use the search engines only care about the ten top search results in the first page.

Knowing this, it is important, if you want to drive traffic from the search engines, to put your web page on the first 10 results, better still, among the top three! And, you can only do this if you are using SEO content. Simply creating quality content will not catapult that content to the top. It is SEO optimization that will do that.

So, in creating your web content, SEO optimization must be taken into consideration. QED!

3. Organic search traffic have always proven to be more targeted than any other traffic

With search engine optimization you’ll not only get the benefit of generating just a high traffic volume but also traffic that is more targeted to your offerings. If you’ve done the right thing with your search engine optimization and not just a matter of keyword stuffing, then the chances of people, who are looking for just what you’re promoting, finding you are much higher.

I know that there are many sources of traffic online but most of these are not really what you need for your business. For example, traffic from social media sites most times are nothing but useless. For one most are just social connections looking to socialize and not doing business. But are you there to socialize?

Again, maybe you are driving traffic to your sites from blog commenting which is a good thing. But then you must understand that most traffic from blog commenting are nothing but bloggers seeking a reciprocal visit or a back link from their blog comments. Such traffic may just be useless to you also

If you truly want better results from your traffic then focus on those who are actively searching for your products or services. If anyone has a need to be met and goes to the search engines to do a search and finds your site, that prospects is more open to generate a sale for you than a blogger or a social media friend  who comes around for his/her own benefit.

Marketing Takeaway

Using SEO content for your online promotions is something you should really focus on. You should create good, quality web content always but in doing that never forget SEO. Writing SEO optimized content may not be your specialty but if you truly want to receive some good results from your content marketing, then getting SEO marketing content (even if it means using freelance services like we offer here) is something you must consider.

So, what do you think? Disagree with this article or is there something you want to add? I’m always glad to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

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