The Most Effective Way to Build Backlinks and Drive Valuable Traffic in Post-Penguin Internet!

Build Links the right way - post Google Penguin!

Post Penguin SEO tactics that work!That Google has been very hard on traditional SEO strategies is no longer news. When Google launched its Panda and Penguin updates, a high percentage of websites, especially ecommerce sites, which were using the services of traditional SEO companies, saw their web pages either thrown off the SERPs entirely or pushed down the listings.

The effect was devastating – rankings went down the drain, traffic plummeted, sales dropped and profits were lost. Right now many ecommerce sites and enterprise bloggers are spending more money to remove offending back links that were earlier built with valuable money!

Nothing can be more frustrating than that!

But the more I think about all this the more I want to believe that the SEO Web Content Scribe is actually a service that arrived at the right time. This is because this site was started just a few months before Google launched its first Panda updates. And what more, just want Google is expecting from all websites is exactly what we’re offering our clients – high quality web marketing content that is optimized, not just for the search engines but also for the site users.

This is an indication that we have a clear understanding of what Google wants. Since the various Google algorithm updates, our sites and many of our clients’ sites have continued to rise in ranking. Our confidence is that as Google continues to clear the SERPs of spammy web pages, we’ll definitely continue to improve!

It’s unfortunate therefore that many are today again being sucked in by so-called Panda/Penguin “proof” SEO products that have are now flooding the market. Many of these products, with promises of magical results, are actually not different from the ones that have been routed by Google using the Penguin updates!

Building Backlinks And Driving Valuable Traffic is Simple Indeed!

You may not know it but with the various algorithm updates Google is simply making a statement that search engine optimization is NOT about optimizing for the search engines but optimizing for site users. Google wants you to do this because that is the simple way you can help make its search engine more popular and therefore more profitable.

Google simply want to remain the go to resource when it comes to search engine marketing. And so, if you truly want Google to reward you with high rankings you must consciously make a decision to help Google fulfill its own dream! Do this and you will be rewarded with improved rankings.

Your choice of any SEO product or service should be determined by this simple business sense. In a word, run away from any SEO product or service that promises you anything like automated links and ranking #1 in minutes without any work. This is because such a product will not and cannot work. You will only waste both your hard earned money and precious time.

Build Links the right way - post Google Penguin!

4 Simple MUST DO That Will Help Your Site Rank High With Google:

The following are 4 simple SEO must do for your sites to rank high in post penguin internet:

1. Create quality content that is optimized for your site visitors and not just for the search engines – The preceding paragraphs make this very clear!

2. Build Natural and Quality (Relevant) Links That Will Improve Your Search Authority – Don’t be deceived. Google Panda and Penguin updates do not mean links are no longer an SEO ranking factor. Only thing is, Google wants to see links that are relevant and acquired “naturally” instead of using some covert tactics employed by the infamous link building networks.

3. Improve Your Click Through Rate – This is really a simple ranking factor that many are not aware of right now. This factor allows Google to give your site more attention because more people are clicking your search engine listings to visit your site. Because people are doing this Google reasons that your listings are relevant and therefore gives you greater attention by giving you higher rankings. However, in a situation where people will not click on your search listings even when you are ranking on the first page of the SERPs, Google would reason that your site is not relevant and therefore “demote” your site rankings!

4. Bounce Rate/Time Spent On Site – This is another very important factor that Google is using in recent times to gauge how relevant your content is. Bounce rate is simply the number of people who visits your site but leave immediately without doing anything. If this is too high it simply tell Google that your content is not relevant and your site is not giving the visitors what they want. Time spent on site on the other hand is the average length of time a visitor spent on your site. If this is too low Google gets the impression that something is wrong with your site/content.

Of course, these four are just a small part of a huge list of factors that will help you get Google to rank your sites high. But it will interest you to know that the outstanding factor is of course, your website content.  Unfortunately, not every business person has what it takes to create the centerpiece content necessary to achieve this dream. This is why our SEO Content Writing Service is here to help you.

Introducing  our SEO Content Combo Pack

We’re pleased to inform you that our flagship SEO Content package has just launched – the SEO Content Combo Pack.  This package is specially designed to provide you with a customized solution built on valuable long-term organic exposure.  It will help you build your online presence in organic channels like search engines, social media and digital PR so you can achieve all factors as discussed above.

This service is product of our desire to help you with high quality, customer-centric, SEO web content and our understanding of the SEO environment as it is right now. So, if you’re truly interested in pushing your e-commerce sites, business blogs or promotional websites up the search engine rankings, this package is for you.

Click here for details of this result-oriented SEO Content Combo Pack!

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