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Creating a Website for Your Local Business

Creating a Website for Your Local Business

Did you know that in our today’s digitally connected world your business cannot afford to NOT have a website? It’s true, in the 21st century, even the smallest businesses serving just a locality, have a business website and the reasons are clear. Right now all over the world more and […]

Creating Professional Video Content

How to Create Professional-Looking Video Content Using Android Devices

In recent times video has become a great medium for brands to connect deeply with their target audience. The combination of sound, motion, and visuals of videos can greatly leverage the emotional experiences, which is good for content marketers. Stats revealed by YouTube indicate that more than 4 billion hours […]

Social Media Marketing Services

Do You Really Need A Business Plan? Here’s A Dozen Reasons Why You Should!

Research has always shown that a good number of businesses die in their first five years of operations. Why this may seem normal after years of experiencing this in the marketplace the truth is that it mustn’t be so. Why not strive to be among the few that survive and […]


Designing a Website? Who Should You Pick to Do It?

If you are business person and you still have not seen the need for a website for your business then I will recommend that you take a few minutes to watch this video on our home page. Now, in this article, beyond knowing the importance of a website for your […]

Why entrepreneurs shouldn't write their own content!

Write Your Own Content? I Beg To Disagree With Neil Patel!

A few days ago, I read an article written by Neil Patel and published on the Hubspot blog with the titled, “Why You Should Write Your Own Content.” Now I must say Neil Patel is one entrepreneur that I have high regards for. That is why I’m subscribed to his […]

Amazing SEO Facts to Win in 2014!

16 Crazy Eye Popping SEO Facts Why You Should Consider SEO in 2015!

The recent few years have really been “rough” as long as SEO is concerned! The various Panda updates, the Penguin update, the EMD and “keyword not revealed” updates, and of course, the big one, the Hummingbird update, were all Google’s conspiracies to do nothing but put many off the idea […]

13 tips for SEO copywriting for 2014

13 Insider SEO Copywriting Tips For Content That Ranks In 2014!

Many SEOs have the wrong notion that off-line SEO is the most important when it comes to search engine optimization. The truth however is that as much as off-site  SEO is great, you must understand that with the recent algorithm updates by Google, simply building backlinks to your sites will […]

Build Links the right way - post Google Penguin!

The Most Effective Way to Build Backlinks and Drive Valuable Traffic in Post-Penguin Internet!

That Google has been very hard on traditional SEO strategies is no longer news. When Google launched its Panda and Penguin updates, a high percentage of websites, especially ecommerce sites, which were using the services of traditional SEO companies, saw their web pages either thrown off the SERPs entirely or […]


SEO Tips: A “Perfectly Optimized” Web Page? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Search engine optimization is a subject that is continuously evolving by the day. Many online businesses are finding it real difficult to keep in tune with the changes. Not only is the changes being introduced by Google, in the form of algorithm changes, challenging online users are also becoming more […]

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SEO Optimization: How Do Search Engines Really Work?

Are you one of those who believe that SEO optimization is a mine-infested battle field because of the many Google Penguin updates? As an ecommerce entrepreneur, have you lost confidence in anything with the appearance of search engine optimization? Indeed, one subject that many webmasters are having problems with these […]