How to Create a Constant Flow of Good Content for Your Retail Business Blog!

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Content marketing is something every wise business person is investing in today. And one of the ways many online retailers are effectively doing this is through adding blogs to their business sites.

This is both to increase traffic and to attract potential customers through offering articles and blog content that is relevant to the interests of site visitors.

This is indeed a wise decision!

However, for a business blog to be viable, there is the need to write and publish good content on a regular basis because without this, readers will not have any incentive to come back for more.

Unfortunately, as we know, not all business persons are writers.  Besides, the rigors of running a business sometimes make it really difficult to devote time to writing articles.

Understanding this problems I want to use this article to offer you some practical tips on how to ensure a continuous flow of informative and educative content for your retail business blog so that you can profit with your efforts.

1. Write on Topics That Interest You

This is very important because there is the need for you to constantly update your blog with new information and content and it is necessary that you maintain interest in your chosen topic. If you attempt to write articles or content on topics that are of little or no interest to you, your content will soon reflect your lack of enthusiasm and will therefore affect the blog’s performance. However, when you choose to write on subjects that you’re passionate about, your blog readers will catch on the passion and your blog will be the better for it.

2. Decide On a Posting Schedule

As a business person, your time is very precious. Whether you’re providing a service or a product in your retailing business, there is so much to do that adding running a blog to the workload is something that must be undertaken with care.

For this reason it is important that, right from the on-set, you should decide on your posting schedule. The frequency of your posting will be determined by the time available to you and what you want to achieve. It is a good idea to try posting 2 to 3 times a week. This may not always be full-length articles. The idea is to keep the blog current and therefore maintain the flow of traffic.

3. Take a Deeper Interest in Your Business Operations

Chances are you may have taken most of your business operations before now for granted. You may not have taken any conscious attempt at mapping your processes. But documenting the processes of your operations could really prove useful in your content creation. Content ideas based on your business operations can help pass you across as an expert in your field to your site visitors.

Besides, your potential customers and clients will be able to know more about your business and will be more open to doing business with you as they would have come to trust your expertise and genuine desire to help.

4. Keep Abreast Of What Is Happening In Your Industry

These days information is changing at a rate unimaginable. To ensure that your blog is current with happenings, you must devote time to reading and studying. Check out other related blogs to know what they are writing about. Join forums related to your business. These could help you generate content ideas based on the questions and answers featured on them. This is good, not only for the knowledge you’ll gain about your field, but also the new contacts who can become your potential blog readers which could be converted to paying customers!

5. Stay “Google Alert” And Be Onto The Trends!

Another way you can ensure you are not short of topics to write about is to “have an ear to the ground” on what is happening on the net. You can do this by subscribing to Google Alerts! With your subscription,  Google will send you an alert every time your chosen subject is mentioned either in a blog post, forum discussion, news site or just any website, depending on your selected preferences.

Another Google tool that will help you in this area is Google Trends. from this site you could have an understanding of what is “hot” at the moment and also have an insight into how that topic has fared over a period of years.

Used very well, these tools can help you have a constant flow of topics to write about on your blog.

6. Read Other Blogs

Visiting and reading other blogs or websites related to yours can also give you ideas on what topics to write about. Use your primary keywords to search in any of the major search engines, such as Google or Yahoo!  You may want to search for news articles or blogs related to your field.  These articles can serve as a springboard to help you find something to talk about.


Being consistent in posting to your retail business blog is very important as it will help the major search engines to find and rank your blog high on the SERPs. This is because search engines love fresh quality articles. Once you’re able to rank your retail blog on the search engines, potential customers will be attracted with ease and generating more profits will become something that will come quickly. So constantly updating your retail business blog with fresh content is something you should always work at.

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Over to you: Do you have a retail business blog? If yes, had it been fun creating content for your blog?  Let’s have your responses in your comments below.

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