How it Works: Our Strategic Approach That Gets YOU Results!

We’re strategically positioned to help you target local customers in your town and environs using effective online marketing strategies.

We work with local businesses like restaurants, hotels, barbing salons, beauty spas, estate agents, photographers, dentists, accountants, florists, plumbers, builders, vets, solicitors, cleaners, hairdressers, electricians, etc.

If your business relies on face to face marketing then we are your right choice.

We offer a wide range of expert, cost-effective, online marketing services to grow your online presence and visibility. Whether you’re a single location shop or multi-location chains business, we can help you design and implement a proactive marketing strategy which will put your business in front of people that are looking to buy the goods or services that you offer and keep them coming back for more!

If the online world has become too complex and near-incomprehensible for you to manage as a local business, you can depend on us to leverage the many digital tools at our disposal to build your brand online.

Our online marketing solutions include:

  1. Designing Services
    Website design
    Blog setup and customization
    Logo & Ecover design
  2. Content Marketing Services
    Web content writing
    Content marketing strategy
    Email marketing
  3. Search Engine Marketing Services
    Local SEO
    Search engine placements (PPC advertising)
  4. Social Media Marketing Services
    Social media account creation & management
    Social media advertising (Facebook)
  5. Consultation and Training

Basically, this is how it works:

  • When you reach out to us about any of our services we’ll schedule a meeting with you or your decision making team. During this meeting we will ask a few questions to learn about your company, customers and competitive forces. Basically, we’ll take the time to conduct a quality needs assessment. This will help us learn about your requirements, how you do business, and what your objectives and goals are.
  • After this initial meeting we’ll begin additional research to learn more about your company and verify the information we received. It’s only after this that we will devise a customized online marketing solution for you. We’ll ensure that this solution is industry-specific and is optimized to maximize your efficiencies.
  • This leads us to a proposal in which we’ll detail the most critical business problem, the solution, the objectives, project specifications, timelines, controls, pricing, agreements, and any other supporting information.
  • Once these are agreed to by both parties we will put our team to work on your project. We’ll design strategies based on realistic ROI goals and then choose the tactics to achieve those goals.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today and we’ll put our team to uncovering the ideal marketing strategy to take your business to the next level.