Designing a Website? Who Should You Pick to Do It?

Who to hire to design your business website

If you are business person and you still have not seen the need for a website for your business then I will recommend that you take a few minutes to watch this video on our home page.
Now, in this article, beyond knowing the importance of a website for your local business I want us to look at this more important issue:

Who should build your business website?

Of course, there are different options to choose from. The problem however, is that each of these options has its pros and cons. This is why you have to choose; and choose wisely, because your digital marketing ROI, in most cases, depend on it.

Your Website Is Just One Piece Of The Digital Marketing Puzzle!

Before deciding on who should design your website, you must understand that when it comes to using the internet to drive local customers, your business website is just a piece of the puzzle.

It’s unfortunate, that many who took the decision to have a website for their businesses ended up gaining nothing from the investment. This is for the simple reason that they hired a website designer who is great for software development but knows little to nothing about digital marketing.

Like I always say, investing in a website design without the right online marketing knowledge is nothing but a white elephant investment. You may have a great online brochure but if it does not help in marketing and selling your product/service it is simply a wasted investment!

Hiring a Web Designer

So, whether you want a new website designed or you simply need a revamping of your current one, here are your options:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY)

Ok, if you have the skills you may want to take this route – design and build it yourself. At least, there are a number of software in the market today that can help you easily do this. At least, no one knows your business the way you do, right?

But come to think of it, have you considered the time and attention this will cost you?

Do you really have the leisure of committing so much time and energy to such a project?

No doubt doing it yourself will definitely save you money in the short term but ultimately, the cost might not be what you want! In fact, this option have its limitations far outweighing the positives.

2. The Computer Whiz Kid In Your Locality

This is another option that you may consider if you’re concerned with the cost. Of course, as the computer whiz Kid down the street he understands everything about computers and writing codes. But, how much experience does he has about websites design and online marketing? Are you looking to simply build a website or you want to build a business tool that will help you grow your business online?

There are different aspects to building a functional, result-oriented website. Without taking care of these different areas, your website probably isn’t going to work that great or stay current for very long. So, while getting that computer whiz kid to design your business website because that will cost you least is really not a wise business investment.

3. The Experienced Freelancer

Indeed, there is a plethora of these types everywhere on the internet right now. A visit to sites like Craigslist, Fiverr or will give you a good option to choose from. Of course, they have some form of experience and they also come very cheap. But because they work alone they do not deliver on schedule, most times.

The biggest disadvantage of the freelance web designer is the fact that they give you nothing but a website. Most times when you need changes to your site, like adding content, they charge you for those changes. Besides, because they work alone, they do not have the throve of expertise that is necessary to build a well-rounded, profit-pulling website.

But all the same they could give you a pretty hands-on experience.

4. Cloud-Based Designing and Marketing Software

With improvement in technology it has now become really simple to access plug-and-play software that will help you build your website without much problem. Most of these software may be specifically built for your industry and usually does all the heavy lifting of building your website.

However, you will still need to put in some efforts at continuously updating your site. Of course, to update your sites content or to make any changes to your site, you will need to pay a subscription to gain access to the software. This means as long as you use this option you will need to renew your subscription, which could either be monthly or yearly!

Indeed most of these crowd-based digital marketing software may offer you all that you need to market your website online. But then, this means more cost to you as long as it runs. Besides, for the simple reason that your website is built on a proprietary software, moving to another platform becomes a problem – even if you are not satisfied at any point!

5. A Web Design/Digital Marketing Agency

Now, I must make this clear that different agencies operates in different ways depending on the focus and experience of those running that agency. Basically, the agency does all the work, after consulting with you on the design and content decisions. While some agencies only design websites, others are involved in content creation and other aspects of online marketing.

If you desire to use this option it is important that you get to know what is contained in their packages. While most will only build your website and leave you to learn the ropes of updating and marketing it, others like, the, offer a full-spectrum of online marketing packages. This is great for you because you are able to get everything about marketing your business under one roof. Ultimately, you will discover that this will save you money instead of trying to get different agencies or contractors to help you build your digital marketing machine!

Another thing you must be careful about if you want to hire an agency to build your business website is the agencies who want to operate like the crowd-based marketing software companies. These agencies will want to have control of updating and marketing your digital assets. This means you’ll have to pay the Agency to make any changes that you want done to your website. For example, changing pictures or adding content your site. Most agencies in this category will readily charge you an hourly rate to make these revisions or even a monthly subscription to keep up the “maintenance” of your site!

So, Which Should You Choose?

Web Design involves a lot of things

From the above you can see clearly that while all of the above options have their own merits they nevertheless have demerits also. But here is good news…

The offers you the opportunity of having all the above merits and much more. We will not only design, build and setup a great website for your business, we will also help you setup a digital marketing structure that you can control and run independently. From start to finish we will work with you so you are a part of the whole process and by the time we hand over your asset to you, you already know what to do without depending on us.

We have observed with dismay that many local business have spent huge sums of money in website design but without any commensurate returns. As a local business operator, you must know that because your website is live doesn’t mean that the website is doing a good job. For it to achieve its purpose it needs smart digital marketing strategies and tactics. This is what we help you do at

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It is clear that there’s a whole lot you need to consider when choosing who should design your website. You don’t just want someone or an agency that will set up a website for you and leave you dry without any idea of marketing it. Nor do you want a company that will take control of your digital assets for a monthly subscription. The best choice is an agency that will give you a great, functional, customer-focused, mobile ready website and also guide you on how to effectively market it for the best results.

At the we’re experienced online marketers, we know what it takes to sell online, we understand content architecture, and we’re experts at writing persuasive web copy.

Request a free quote today and discover how we can help your local business grow online.

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