How to Create Professional-Looking Video Content Using Android Devices

Creating Professional Video Content

In recent times video has become a great medium for brands to connect deeply with their target audience. The combination of sound, motion, and visuals of videos can greatly leverage the emotional experiences, which is good for content marketers.

Stats revealed by YouTube indicate that more than 4 billion hours of video is viewed each month with almost one-third of all people on the Internet currently on YouTube.

Apart from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are also stressing the power of video content with many of these social platforms acquiring some other online video apps to better position themselves for this great revolution. This being so, video content is something that your business should invest in if you truly want to compete as a content marketer in our today’s digitally connected world.

The good news is that right now you don’t need some professional qualifications to produce good quality videos. Mobile technology has given us so many tools for creating high-quality video content with little effort.

For one our smartphones, such as the Android device, have become so improved with very high quality and easy to use video cameras which can even be used for video editing. With every passing year and every new generation the video cameras that are on Android devices keep getting better and better. Today the quality of these cameras is high enough that you can quite easily use them to record video content of your own for your blog, website, or social media pages.

So, as a hotelier, accountant, attorney, small local business, etc. if you are not using video content for your marketing you are simply leaving money on the table.

Here are a few tips that will help you record professional looking video content using Android devices.

3 Pro Video Tips Working with Android Devices

1. Be Aware Of The Limitations Or Weaknesses Of The Camera That You’re Using

Before you actually start recording your video using an Android device, you should take a minute or two to figure out its limitations and weaknesses. Because the specifications of Android devices tend to differ from one another quite a bit, it is important for you to know the limitations of the one that you’re using.

Some of the typical areas that you should look into include how the video camera deals with recording high contrast, the quality of audio recording on the microphone, and whether or not it is easy to hold the device steady while recording. Based on these limitations and weaknesses, you can then compensate accordingly to make sure your video content turns out great.

2. Come Up With A Detailed Plan For The Video That You Intend To Record

If you want your video content to look professional, you need to plan it out before you record a single frame of video. Ideally your plan should include a full script of the video, and encompass details such as the elements that are going to be in each shot.

Additionally when you are planning your video you should also think about the practical side of recording such a video. For example planning to record a video with a long take where the camera follows a subject through a particular setting is all well and good – but can be very challenging to record as you will need to keep the camera steady while moving.

3. Record Numerous Takes Of Each Scene Right From The Start

One of the main reasons why professionally-produced content often looks so perfect is because multiple takes are recorded until it does. Although you could wait till after the editing stage to re-record additional takes if need be, it sometimes helps to do so right from the start instead.

When you record multiple takes from the early stages, you will have more options to work with. Not only will each take give you extra footage that you can use if necessary, but it will also provide you with slightly different perspectives of the scene and may help you to make further improvements too. As such even if you’re feel a take is just slightly off – record another one.

It goes without saying that a lot of the magic involved in creating videos that look professional takes place when you start to process and edit the video footage that you’ve recorded. However what most people don’t realize is that video editing need not be as complicated as it is often made out to be. In fact, there are Android video editors like Clip&Go that make it super easy for you to tweak and edit your video directly on Android itself.

Movavi video editorAll that you really need to process the videos that you record is the ability to cut your video into segments so that you can remove the parts you don’t need and splice in parts from other takes and video clips. Naturally Clip&Go for Android will let you do that quite easily, and will even then allow you to add an audio track to accompany your video by choosing a file from your device’s storage, or one of the tracks that is built into it.

By the time you’re done editing your video with Clip&Go you should have a nice and professional-looking video with some background music to go along with it. If you want you can then opt to use other methods to apply filters or special effects, but assuming you followed the tips highlighted above your video probably won’t even need any extra glitz and glamor to look good.


There you have it a simple solution you can apply today and you would start producing professional video content for your business promotions. So, if as a business person or content marketer you’ve been finding creating video content a bit intimidating you shouldn’t any longer. Work with these tips and you will soon see the rewards.





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