3 Website Design Elements That Will Greatly Impact Your Content Marketing Success!

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Content marketing is one online marketing strategy that has gained popularity in the last couple of years. Reports from industry leaders indicate that this year (2013) alone, many businesses plan to increase their content marketing spend by almost 60%!

This indeed is good news for web content writers like us!

But as good as this may sound to us, the problem is that many business persons overlook the fact that content marketing is not a one-fit-all solution to driving website traffic. Content marketing is just one element when it comes to your online business success. For it to succeed maximally, it must be in sync with the other elements.

For example, content marketing is basically about generating, converting and retaining traffic. But all of these will not be possible if your website or blog is not designed to help you do this.

In this article I want to share with you 3 website design elements that will help you succeed as a content marketing professional.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

1. Website Purpose – Of course, you may say your business website/blog is for the purpose of giving your business an online presence but the question is why do you want that online presence?

The truth is, beyond giving an online presence; your business website/blog could be for the purposes of strengthening your brand identity, increasing customer engagement, or for selling more products. This being so, you must decide on what you want first of all before you ever think of designing the site.

When you do this and then produce marketing content that agrees with the site’s purpose, success is sure.

2. Optimized Site Coding – When many online marketers think of search engine optimization they most times think only of optimizing the content on their websites. But this is not enough. The coding structure of a website will determine to a great extent its performance on the search engines.

This is one of the reasons why the wordpress blogging platform is becoming very popular among webmasters today. The platform is simply built for the search engines. The coding is search engine friendly and there exists a hundred and one plugins that can help you to strengthen this structure.

As a content marketer, creating quality content is not enough. Your website must be designed with clean and friendly codes for your marketing content to perform maximally.

3. Usability – This is another very important factor you must take into consideration. For your website to achieve its purpose it must be compelling and aesthetically appealing to the user. The choice of color, fonts and images matters a lot. Besides, a clean navigational structure and the use of white space in the content will, to a large extent, enhance the success.

If your website fails in usability your marketing content may drive the desired traffic but it will be hard to convert and retain that traffic!


Your website is a major factor when it comes to content marketing success. It is important therefore to consider this when you are building your business site/blog. If you already have a business site that fails in these areas, a website re-design will definitely be an option right now.

Also, installing a wordpress blog on your business site is something you should also consider as this will take care of most of the challenges that you may face when it comes to website design and content marketing. Click here for details on how we can help you install and customize a wordpress blog for your business sites.

Do not allow your marketing content investment go to waste. Prepare your home front by designing your website to increase your content marketing success.

Your Turn: Do you agree that your website design is important when it comes to content marketing success? What are some of the things you are doing to meet this challenge? Share with us in your comments below.

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