13 Insider SEO Copywriting Tips For Content That Ranks In 2014!

13 tips for SEO copywriting for 2014

Many SEOs have the wrong notion that off-line SEO is the most important when it comes to search engine optimization. The truth however is that as much as off-site  SEO is great, you must understand that with the recent algorithm updates by Google, simply building backlinks to your sites will not push it up the SERPs. What you need is a well designed on-site SEO strategy.

Now, when it comes to on-site SEO you need the right content because as they say, Content is the King! This means you need well written SEO content if you must take advantage of this very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

Unfortunately, Google is always playing “God” when it comes to what matters when optimizing your webpages for the search engines. With its constant algorithm updates and attempts at changing the rules of the game Google has continued to hold all of us at ransom.

Nevertheless, instead of constantly trying to stay in tune with what Google is doing the wiser option should rather be a good insight into what SEO copywriting is so you can optimize your content for the search engines based on Google’s current criteria.

This is why this infographic by ContentVerve.com and atcore which outlines 13 tips for writing content that ranks in 2014 is one that you should care about. Take note of these tips and you will be able to package web content that will indeed help your content marketing this year!


Which of these tips are you using in your content right now? Share your thoughts in your comments below.

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